Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Official Skydrive Client For Android Coming In A Few Weeks

Other than MicroSD cards cloud storage is one of the most closest to that. There are many popular cloud storage apps like Dropbox, Google Drive, and many more. In the future cloud storage will replace the traditional physical storage and everything will be kept on the cloud. Currently Dropbox is the most popular cloud storage service but the problem is that it only has 2GB of storage for free, some people might like Google Drive which is formerly known as Google Docs. Skydrive is on of the cloud storage services which provide the most storage, each hotmail/outlook account is given 7GB of free storage and if you were using it in the promotional period which has ended you could have gotten 25GB of storage for free. The android client has been long waited and now Microsoft has confirmed that an official app is coming in a few weeks and the app is currently being developed. The app will function pretty similar to the ones in iOS and Windows Phone. The announcement will be announced through the service's twitter feed. To me Skydrive is one of the best free cloud storages. 
Source: Phonearena 
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