Friday, August 3, 2012

[REVIEW] Smart Stay EX

Smart Stay EX is an application which allows users to have the Smart Stay feature on the Samsung Galaxy S III. For this app to work you phone must have a front facing camera. This app basically uses the front facing camera to detect whether the user is looking at the phone and if the user is, then Smart Stay makes sure the phone screen stays on so the user can continue to read or do whatever they were doing. If not, it’ll shut the screen off. It thus more accurately controls the screen based on how the user is using it and you can get rid of the annoying action of having to turn on the screen or touch the screen so that your screen stays on.
This is a very excellent app in the google play store. I highly recommend this app to users who like to read or browse the web. For the price of a little over $1 for the full version the app is totally worth the money. I highly recommend you to try the lite version before purchasing the full version. There are not many differences between the lite and full version. So the lite version is pretty capable of what it is set to do, the pro version just has some other options. So for this app i give it an Editors Choice. Click the links below to download this app. 
Smart Stay EX Lite
Smart Stay EX ($1.05)

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