Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Windows Phone 8 Is Set To Be Officially Launched In Late September

According to a tip given to Pocketnow, microsoft is set to launch the Windows Phone 8 platform in the end of September. The tipster sent what appears to be a legitimate memo from an unnamed Microsoft hardware partner that specifies a specific launch date for the WP8 platform. The memo they received also specified that the "initial announcement embargo date" for WP8 will be on September 30. This is a bit weird because September 30 is a Sunday, but there is a probability that the embargo time would be set just before October 1 like 11:59 PM September 30. This then will allow news about the WP8 launch be spreaded over the net in the calm monday morning. Microsoft is slated to reveal some of the consumer faced features in Nokia world 2012 which is happening early September. Then after that Microsoft will give further information on the WP8 platform on October 30. Nokia is slated to be unveiling 2 WP8 devices in Nokia World and these devices might reach the hands of consumers in October. HTC is also rumored to be unveiling a few WP8 powered devices in the end of September. 

Source: Pocketnow 
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