Monday, August 13, 2012

13-Inch MacBook Pro With Retina Display Appears In Benchmarks

When apple announced the MacBook Pro with retina display in WWDC this year developers was very happy with the product and the overall build quality. The MacBook Pro has the performance of a regular MacBook with the thin and light design similar to the MacBook air and it also has a retina display. At launch apple only had one size for this which is the 15" model, and soon after this was released some rumors suggest that Apple might be planning to make a 13" model MacBook Pro with retina display. Previously the rumored 13" variant has popped up in a benchmark and now it reappeared again for our viewing pleasure. The reference model for the 13" MacBook Pro with retina display is MacBook Pro 10,2 and the 15" has a model number of 10,1. From the benchmark we can see that this 13" model will come with a 2.9GHz Core i7-3520M and such coincidentally this is the same processor found in the non retina display 13" MacBook Pro. This 13" variant is slated to be launched in Q4 which is after the iPhone 5 announcement. 
Source: Geeky-Gadgets 
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