Monday, August 13, 2012

iPhone 5 Motherboard Pictured

Last week there were many iPhone 5 part leaks and this week we start the week of with the leak of the motherboard of the next gen iPhone. This motherboard is similar in size to its predecessor but looks a bit longer. This motherboard is still considered as a prototype unit and most of the parts are not there yet including the rumored quad core A6 chip. However, this motherboard shows that the iPhone 5 is indeed going to be using a smaller SIM card slot. According to Apple iPhone repair specialists iDeviceGuys, the battery connector on this motherboard now has 5 pins according to the picture, instead of 4 on the current device. This would confirm a higher capacity battery on the iPhone 5 which was leaked last week. They also noticed that there are more antenna connections than on the iPhone 4S which points to LTE connectivity on the iPhone 5. The digitizer connector also appears to be changed leading the iDeviceGuy team to expect the new, thinner in-cell screen technology present in the iPhone 5. And the connection points on the motherboard seem to match up to leaked shots of the parts for the back of the phone according to, which managed to produce an image of all of the parts lining up. As you can see below we have two images, the first one being the iPhone 4S motherboard and the following two are the iPhone 5's one. Click here to see our iPhone 5 rumor roundup episode 1
Source: Phonearena 
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