Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Alleged Samsung Galaxy Note II Image Revealed

The Galaxy Note II is set to be unveiled on August 29 in the IFA Samsung Mobile Unpacked. The Galaxy Note II is most probably going to be the start of IFA this year. GSMArena recently received a tip by an anonymous tipster which gave them a picture of what might the Galaxy Note II look like. The image sent by the tipster shows the front panel of the alleged Galaxy Note II. However the tipster could not confirm the origins of this picture but this pretty much adds up to the rumors which state the Galaxy Note II will be inspired by the Galaxy S III. Additionally the tipster also gave a few specs of the Galaxy Note II. As expected it will come with a 1280 X 800 Super HD Amoled screen measuring 5.5" which will utilise the regular RGB matrix. Some rumors also say that the Galaxy Note II will come with a full HD resolution but the tipster said that the Galaxy Note II did undergo some testing but they found that it was putting a lot of strain to the battery, so it didn't made its way to the final product. The processor is a Exynos 4 Quad a quad core CPU similar to the Galaxy S III but clocked at a higher frequency at 1.5GHz. The camera will be an 8MP shooter and it will use the same sensor as the one on the Galaxy S III. The Galaxy Note II will most probably come with ICS out of the boxand jellybean will come in a future OTA, rumors also say that Samsung is still testing jellybean and is not yet ready for release. But there is a slight chance that Jellybean might come preinstalled out of the box. If jellybean does not come preinstalled out of the box the update should be available shortly after it is relased to consumers because Samsung is preparing to release the jellybean update to the Galaxy S III, so the Note II will get it soon after since both of their hardware are pretty similar. 

Source: GSMArena 
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