Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Windows 8 RT Devices Will Have Some Special Features

Along with the Windows 8 launch Microsoft has 2 editions ready which is the normal one and the RT version which works with the ARM architecture. These tablets running Windows 8 RT will have some intended advantages over other ARM tablets. According to the latest "Building Windows 8" blog posted by redmond these tablets running Windows RT will have a feature which is pretty similar to Apple's PowerNap on OSX Mountain Lion. This feature will enable the tablet to maintain their connected state while powering down other battery draining functions. The active standby on Windows 8 RT tablets will have a standby time of 13.3 to 17 days according to internal tests. HD video can be continued from 8 to 13 hours depending on the device tested. Additionally, Microsoft also revealed that we can expect devices made by Asus, Samsung, Dell, and Lenovo which will have a 10.1"-11.6" screen and can be in the form of a tablet or convertible notebook. Apparently the lightest tablet will just weigh in at 520g, whereas the thinnest one is at 8.35mm only. Below is an evolution of an Asus Windows RT tablet convertible device from prototype to the retail device. 
Early production range
HD Video Playback
8 hours to 13 hours of scenario run time
Connected Standby
320 hours to 409 hours of scenario run time

System characteristics
Measurement range
Weight (g)
520g to 1200g
Length (mm)
263mm to 298mm
Width (mm)
168.5mm to 204mm
Height (mm)
8.35mm to 15.6mm

Source: Phonearena 
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