Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Adobe Flash Player Will Be Taken Down From The Google Play Store Today

When Apple released the original iPhone, Steve Jobs said that flash will never come on to any iOS device not Mac and Apple will be using HTML 5 which he says is the future. But when Android launched they did not support it yet but in 2.2 froyo they did support it and that is one of the biggest feature separating iOS and Android. Last year Adobe said that it was going to stop development of the Flash player on android. When Jellybean was launched it was not certified for flash which shows Google's change of direction away from flash. Another scenario is that Chrome for android does not support flash, it is noted that chrome only works on devices running android 4.0.X and up. So today (Wednesday, September 15) Adobe is going to pull the flash player from the Google Play Store. So this is the very last day you will be able to install Adobe Flash Payer on your android phone, but if you still want to install flash after today you still can find APK's of it. In 2010 Jobs commented on Google and Adobe by saying Flash is buggy and predicted that no one will be using flash in the future and will be replaced by HTML 5.This signifies that Google is moving forward and the words said by steve jobs is true. 
Source: Phonearena 
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