Saturday, August 11, 2012

iPhone 5 Dock Connector Spotted

One of the most popular rumors about the iPhone 5 is the new dock connector which is replacing the old 30 pin dock connector. There are several reasons why apple might do this, one reason is to save som extra space in future iOS devices. This rumor started shortly after the Samsung Galaxy S III launch and at that time many people was still anticipating what Apple will release to compete with Samsung's flagship android phone. At first the rumors say it will be a 19 pin dock connector, then a few weeks later some sources state that it will be an 8 pin dock connector with a pea shape design and resembles the micro USB port. Then today, revealed a few images of this dock connector, the connector which is leaked looks like it matches the hole on the leaked iPhone 5 bodies. In the image it is compared with a regular USB, and makes the regular USB connector look big. The sources say that the connector is an 8 pin connector on each side which makes 16 pins in total. Additionally the connector looks like it will be able to be connected both ways but the sources say that it might not be able to because each pin is supposedly used in different functions. These connectors are not at their final stage and they also reflect some problems which the unnamed contractor faced by meeting Apple's standard. The sources also claimed that this connector will be implemented on future iOS devices starting with the iPhone 5
Source: Engadget and 
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