Thursday, August 2, 2012

Canalys Shows State Of Global Smartphone Market

Every Quarter there are reports talking about OS market share and OEM market share in the US. But today canalys released a report which talks about the state of the mobile world in Q2. The report is mainly about China because they have broke the smartphone shipments for the second quarter in the row. As usual android is in the top with 107.8 million of shipments in Q2 2012 compared to 51.2 million in the past year. That brings a 110.4% yoy growth. Their market share rose fro 47.6% to 68.1% which means half of the smartphones on the face of the earth is running android. An interesting point is that if you add up the total shipments of all OS in 2011 the value is pretty close to the total shipments of android smartphones in 2012. Apple in the other hand is in second and they growed 28% bringing their shipments up from 20.3 million to 26 million, but their market share dropped from 18.9% to 16.4%. Blackberry dropped 32.1% and bringing their shipments down to only 8.5 million from 12.5 million and their market share drastically dropped from  11.6% to only 5.4%. Symbian is also not far from blackberry they dropped 64.6% bringing their total shipments this year to 6.4 million from 18.1 million the previous year. Their market share was even worser than blackberry's one from 16.8% last year to only 4.1% this year. Windows phone's market share doubled with a 277% increase of total shipments, their market share is now 3.2%. Bada only increased 5.1% which is the least amongst the others. As to manufacturers, Samsung still kept their first place as top smartphone vendor with a total shipment of 31% of all shipments. They are also responsible for android's growth with 45 million handsets of the 107.8 million being samsung smartphones. Apple took second and nokia was third, HTC was fourth snatching the title from RIM. Although Huawei and ZTE see some increasing growth in china it still wasn't enough to put them in the top 5. 27% of the smartphones in the whole world were shipped to china compared to 16% to the US. ZTE, Lenovo and Huawei got second third and fourth in the china market. Together they all account for 1 third of the total shipments in china. Like in the US Samsung is still in the number 1 position. Apple was placed in fifth in the china market and their shipments went up 102% yoy. Nokia in the other hand lost 47% of shipments in china and Motorola's shipments aren't doing well. HTC's shipments increased 389% which totals up to 1.8 million of the 25.6 million shipments in china. And finally android accounts 81% of market share in china which makes it the OS of choice. 

Source: GSMArena 
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