Wednesday, August 1, 2012

comScore Q2 2012 Report

This is the time of the month where the quarterly report comes out. This time android an iOS grew and left symbian, windows phone and RIM losing market share to the two giants. Android increased 0.6% and it was at its all time high. Apple in the other hand is rapidly gaining market share by increasing 1.7% for a total of 32.4%. Which leaves RIM, microsoft, and symbian in the dust, they lost 1.6%, 0.1% and 0.5% respectively. RIM still hold the top 3 space as the prominent OS but that might change in Q3 with the ever changing market.
In the manufacturer side Samsung is still leading with 25.6% of market share and still keeps their number 1 position. Apple and HTC was the only 2 companies which manage to increase their market share. It feels like every quarter apple is the only one increasing their market share significantly. Nevertheless Q3 does not look so good for apple and microsoft as the next gen iPhone and Windows Phone 8 devices will only come in Q4. The presence of the Galaxy S III in Q3 might change everything. 

Source: Phonearena