Monday, August 6, 2012

Windows 8 Packaging Leaked, Show A Very New And Bold Design

Microsoft is set to release Windows 8 in October 26, last week the RTM version was leaked and it shows not much change from the release preview. TheVerge managed to get a peek of the packaging. The Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro box looks better than the Windows 7 box. On the front of the box Microsoft placed the Metro UI Windows 8 UI logo and some box art which takes some design aspect of the CS6 box. The only notable difference between the standard and pro box is the fact that the pro has a darker theme. The retail price for the Windows 8 OS is not yet released but Microsoft will proceed with their update programme which is only $19.99 if you buy a windows 7 PC in the time of July 2012 -January 2013. It is yet to see wheter Microsoft will make the Windows 8 box lighter like they did when transitioning from Windows Vista to Windows 7. Maybe Microsoft will take away some documentation from the box and putting the documentation in the windows 8 disc. 

Source: TheVerge
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